Calif. governor to expand paid family leave
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California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is set to sign a bill on Monday that will increase the amount of money new parents can receive through the state’s family leave program, Reuters reports.


The measure will increase the amount paid to new parents from 55 percent of their regular income to as much as 70 percent for the poorest workers. 

Higher earners will also see an increase in potential payments – up to 60 percent. And the measure will eliminate a seven-day waiting period before parents can receive benefits. 

The program, run through the state’s disability system, covers parents who take time off to care for newborns, adopted and foster children. It also applies to those who care for seriously ill family members. 

The statewide measure comes on the heels of an unprecedented San Francisco program that will require companies to give employees six weeks of fully paid parental leave. And a few weeks ago, Brown signed off on a statewide increase of the minimum wage.