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Michael Moore: Trump won’t finish his first term

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who correctly forecast the election of Donald Trump, predicted Friday that he will either resign or be impeached before his term as president is up.

“Here’s what’s gonna happen, this is why we’re not gonna have to suffer through four years of Donald J. Trump, because he has no ideology except the ideology of Donald J. Trump. And when you have a narcissist like that, who’s so narcissistic where it’s all about him, he will, maybe unintentionally, break laws. He will break laws because he’s only thinking about what’s best for him.”

{mosads}Moore was among the rare political commentators who predicted well in advance that Trump would win both the GOP nomination and the White House.

The liberal director said Democrats would not fall into despair after the shocking defeat Tuesday, but instead that Trump would prove a lightning rod for the left.

“We are going to resist, we are going to oppose,” Moore said. “This is going to be a massive resistance. Women are calling for a million-women march on Inauguration Day and there is going to be the largest demonstration ever.”

Moore said that he believes people will fight back against Trump and as soon as the president slips up, it will be the end of his presidency.

During the interview, Moore also blamed Democrats for Hillary Clinton’s defeat, saying they ignored Rust Belt voters and need to acknowledge middle-America in order to move forward.

“(Clinton) lost by 11,000 votes in Michigan,” Moore said. “Ninety thousand Michiganders voted for every office and every ballot proposal on both sides of the ballot and refused to vote for president.” Those voters refused to vote for Trump, Moore said, but they also “were not going to participate in what they saw as a system that had left them forgotten and at bay.”


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