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Capitol Hill fox’s kits euthanized after rabies exposure

Capitol Police via AP

Washington, D.C., health officials on Thursday said that three fox kits recovered on Capitol grounds in a den had been humanely euthanized after possibly being exposed to rabies by their mother. 

“Three fox kits were recovered from the den site of the female fox who tested positive for rabies,” D.C. Health said in a statement.

“Since the mother tested positive for the rabies virus and the kits could have been exposed during grooming or other means, they were no longer able to be safely rehabilitated and were humanely euthanized.”

On Tuesday, Capitol Police reported that a fox had been captured after several instances were reported at the Botanic Garden and near the House side of the Capitol where people had either been attacked or bitten by a fox.

At least nine people were reportedly bitten, according to the Times, including Politico reporter Ximena Bustillo and Rep. Ami Bera (D-Calif.).

“Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I feel healthy and am glad to be back at work,” Bera tweeted. “Despite the dustup, I hold no grudge or ill will against @thecapitolfox. Hoping the [fox] and its family are safely relocated and wishing it a happy and prosperous future.”

D.C. Health later reported that the fox responsible for the multiple attacks had been humanely euthanized so that they could do rabies testing but indicated at the time they were still determining what to do with the fox babies, known as kits. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in order for officials to test for rabies, the animal must first be euthanized. Testing for rabies includes brain tissue from at least two areas. 

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