Bill Kristol: Fox News is becoming 'ridiculous'
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Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol attacked Fox News on Monday, saying the cable network has shifted to "ridiculous" coverage under a Trump administration. 

Appearing on a Mediaite podcast, Kristol said parts of the network "have gone down a ridiculous path."

“It’s ridiculous, honestly, and depressing,” Kristol said.


Kristol, who formerly worked as a contributor for Fox News, slammed host Tucker Carlson as one of the chief offenders.

Carlson, who took over Bill O'Reilly's 8 p.m. weekday slot after O'Reilly was fired in the face of sexual harassment allegations, has featured combative interviews with liberals on his show.

“To see him on Fox — I don’t really watch him much, but still — beating up some 20-year-old college liberal because he said something stupid, it’s really ridiculous," Kristol said of Carlson.

Kristol has frequently criticized President Trump, attempting at one point in 2016 to recruit an independent presidential candidates for Republicans who couldn't vote for Trump.

In recent weeks, Fox News' dominance in the ratings has slipped. MSNBC beat Fox three nights in a row in primetime on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the key 25-54 demographic last week, mostly thanks to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. Fox News maintained a larger total number of viewers, but trailed MSNBC in the most valuable demographic.

Maddow finished #1 across all cable news, with 734,000 demo viewers and 2.87 million viewers.