New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) would not have let retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn near the White House if he were president, he said Monday.

“That’s what I said. Yeah, because he’s not my cup of tea,” Christie said when pressed by one reporter. “You know, if I were president I could decide who comes in and who doesn’t.”


President Trump appointed Flynn as national security adviser, but he was quickly ousted after it was revealed he misled Vice President Pence and other top officials about his meetings with Russia's U.S. ambassador. After his ousting, it was revealed that Flynn had worked as a foreign agent on behalf of Turkey.

Reports emerged last week that Trump urged then-FBI Director James Comey to "let go" of the bureau's investigation into Flynn, two months before Trump fired Comey.

Christie briefly led Trump’s transition team in November before being replaced by Pence.

The governor previously said that he did not notice any “red flags” regarding Flynn, who former acting attorney general Sally Yates said had become vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians.

Christie on Monday said he and Flynn never had any conflicts, though in the past the governor has said he made Trump aware of their disagreements.

“Gen. Flynn and I never had any conflict of any kind, verbal, non verbal, metaphysical. None during any of those intelligence briefings,” Christie told the reporters.