Sasse trolls Trump over unfinished 'covfefe' tweet
© Getty Images

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse (Neb.) used his daughter's piano recital to poke fun at President Trump's recent viral tweet of an unfinished draft message that ended with a typo, "covfefe."

"It's #PianoRecital night. Livetweeting likely, despite the constant negative press covfefe," Sasse tweeted Wednesday night.

Minutes later, he added: "Rare performance of Covfefe's Etude in D major tonight. So beautiful. Only I and small group of ppl know exactly what I mean."


The latter tweet was aimed at Sean Spicer, Trump's press secretary, who on Wednesday said during a press briefing that Trump and a "small group of people know exactly what he meant" by the now-deleted tweet.

Sasse continued to tweet throughout the recital, joking that Russians were influencing the recital judges and even referencing the viral "howbow dah!" meme.

The GOP senator ended the night by wishing his followers a good night and warning them against any "covfefe'ing" in the future.