Pfizer hikes prices on nearly 100 drugs: report
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U.S. pharmaceutical company Pfizer has raised prices on nearly 100 drugs in the country in 2017 by an average of twenty percent, according to the Financial Times.

The drug company raised the prices of 91 drugs on Thursday, including Viagra and Lyric, with price increases between five and thirteen percent.


This is not the first time the drug company has raised prices. Pfizer hiked up prices in January of this year as well.

The hikes come as the Trump administration looks to take on the drug industry.  President Trump slammed drug companies on the 2016 campaign trail saying “they are getting away with murder” over rising prices. 

However, the pharmaceutical industry is a formidable lobbying force on Capitol Hill. The industry argues the high prices are needed to fund research and development.

Trump famously broke with his party during the campaign, urging Congress to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

The Hill reported in May that the White House is exploring what actions it can take without Congress to combat high drug prices.