School children chant '16 shots and a cover-up' at Rahm Emanuel
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School children in Chicago on Tuesday yelled protest chants at Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) referencing the 2014 shooting of an African-American teenager.

Footage uploaded to Twitter shows the students chanting “16 shots and a cover up,” a reference to the 16 shots fired in the 2014 deadly police shooting of African-American teenager Laquan McDonald. 


The students also chanted “hey hey, ho ho, Rahm Emanuel’s got to go” as they stood on a train platform, with Chicago police nearby. 

Chicago Police Officer Jason van Dyke was indicted on six counts for first-degree murder counts for the shooting of McDonald. 

Emanuel came under scrutiny in November of 2015 after released footage showed a different account of the shooting than the one provided by police officers.