Cubs player: I didn't flip the middle finger in the Oval Office

A Chicago Cubs player is denying that he flipped his middle finger during a trip to the Oval Office after a photo appearing to show his finger out went viral.

Albert Almora, an outfielder for the Cubs who scored the winning run in last year's World Series, seems to be flipping the bird in a photo taken of him Wednesday in the Oval Office standing next to President Trump.


Almora denied using the middle finger to the Chicago Sun-Times, saying that he "had two fingers out."

"I’d never do that to the president of the United States," he told the Sun-Times.

Almora does have a second finger raised in the photo — tweeted by Sun-Times editor Chris De Luca — but the middle finger is far more predominant in the picture.

The photo drew widespread attention across social media, with many people wondering whether it was an intentional move.