Man faces federal charges for mailing his severed finger to IRS
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A 68-year-old man from Washington state faces federal charges after sending the IRS his own severed finger.

Normand Lariviere reportedly also sent a fake bomb, a bullet and a marijuana joint to tax collectors at an IRS office in Utah, according to the Seattle Post Intelligence.

When investigators contacted him about the package, the man “admitted severing his finger and showed agents the homemade device he utilized to perform that action.”


A special agent from the Federal Protective Service said Lariviere was angry at government agencies because he was laid off from his job as a civilian defense contractor in the 1990s. He served eight years in the Navy and then worked as a civilian electrician, the newspaper reported.

He has been filing grievances against various federal agencies since then, and reportedly told an IRS agent that he should not pay taxes until the government “satisfies his claims,” the Seattle PI reported.