GOP strategist Ana Navarro lashed out at Trump after reaching his first 200 days in office, saying that he needs to “start taking his job seriously” and stop “lying.”

Navarro said on CNN’s "New Day" Tuesday morning that the president needs to improve his credibility in the White House by telling the truth.

“I think the solution is very simple: Start telling the truth. Start taking your job seriously, stop exaggerating, stop outright lying and then repeating it,” she said.


“I think the people around him ... need to tell him, 'You are no longer the host of "The Apprentice." You are not a used car salesman. You are the president of the United States,' " she said.

Navarro spoke of the importance of people being able to trust the president and the damage to his credibility that occurs when he doesn’t tell the truth.

“We need to believe our president when he stands in front of that podium and speaks to us,” she said. “He has been president for 200 days, and he has lied practically every single one of those days.”

Matt Schlapp, a former political director for President George W. Bush, fought back on Navarro’s statement and said he disagreed with her saying Trump is “not truthful.” 

He mentioned that there are people who support him in addition to the people that hate him but emphasized the importance of getting things done in Congress.

“Let me tell you about the people who are rooting for him. They don’t like everything about him, and they don’t like it when things don’t get done in Congress,” he said.

Navarro has been a fierce critic of the Trump administration, criticizing the turnover in the White House and comparing it to "quickies in a Las Vegas brothel." She has also attacked Trump for making comments about the physical appearance of "Morning Joe" host Mika Brzezinski, by telling the president to "stop acting like a mean girl."