Anne Frank Center notes 'alarming parallels' between Trump, pre-Holocaust Germany
© Greg Nash

The Anne Frank Center, a frequent critic of President Trump, suggested in a tweet Wednesday that there has been an escalation in “alarming parallels” between the present and Nazi Germany.

The nonprofit organization shared a bulleted list of items that seemed designed to show parallels between President Trump and Hitler's Germany.

In its list, the group said Trump creates his own media; exploits youth at a rally; endorses police brutality; demonizes people who believe, look or love differently; strips vulnerable people of their families, jobs and ability to live; and believes Congress should change its rules to give him more power. 



The post did not actually mention Trump, Hitler, Germany or the Nazis, thought the group's executive director said the comparison was intentional.

"1930s Germany imposed a series of escalating steps of oppression, including demonization, discrimination and isolation of vulnerable communities, that evoke what we are seeing today,” said executive director Steven Goldstein in an interview with Newsweek.

“That comparison is just, and not to make the comparison would be a dereliction of our duty to ensure 'never again' to any people," he said. 

In the past, the center has slammed Trump's ban on travelers from several predominantly Muslim countries as well as his plan to build a wall on the Mexican border.

The center also sharply criticized former White House press secretary Sean Spicer in April, calling for him to be fired after he incorrectly stated that Hitler did not use chemical weapons while offering a comparison to the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons.

Spicer apologized for the remarks.