A U.S. tourist who was caught in the midst of the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, on Thursday, opened up about his experience, calling it "surreal." 

"It personally disgusts me that things like this are possible and that they happen, and people don't realize how realistic it is. For me it was really surreal in that I never thought in a million years that this would happen the one day where I'm on vacation, and I'm in this specific area," Omar Popal told CNN's Chris Cuomo on "New Day" on Thursday. 


"Seeing all of the terror on everybody's faces was very unexpected, and I couldn't really make sense of it until we finally got away from it, and I saw someone who was injured and I was just thinking, 'Wow, this is actually happening,' this was a real situation that I was in the middle of," he continued. 

Popal's comments come after 14 people were killed and dozens were injured after a van rammed into crowds of people in Barcelona on Thursday. 

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria claimed responsibility for the attack on Twitter. 

Several U.S. officials condemned the attack on Thursday, including President Trump.