HBO host John Oliver used his Sunday show to highlight the way the United States disposes of nuclear waste, which he said could lead to “catastrophic” health concerns.

A third of Americans live within 50 miles of significant nuclear waste, Oliver said on “Last Week Tonight," joking that there is not a “nuclear toilet” to appropriately dispose of the materials.

Oliver also showed footage of the U.S. military dumping nuclear waste off the coast of New Jersey.


Oliver joked that “The Situation,” a cast member from MTV's "Jersey Shore," could be renamed for a medical condition about missing thumbs stemming from the nearby waste.

Oliver called the nuclear waste "the worst type of garbage for raccoons to get into" but also went over the "serious health hazards" from living near nuclear waste. 

He said that the U.S. spent $15 billion preparing the Yucca Mountain site in Nevada to store nuclear waste from 30 years ago, yet the country still has no designated site given opposition to that plan. 

“We need to find a permanent facility to store our most dangerous waste,” Oliver said. “We’ve been saying that we were going to fix this for decades now and we seem to be no closer to finding a solution.”