A furniture store in Houston is opening its doors to shelter people from the floods in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. 

Gallery Furniture owner Jim McIngvale said late Monday that two of his stores were open to those in need of shelter and food.

“If you can safely join us, we invite you for shelter and food. God Bless,” he tweeted.

McIngvale said on CNN’s "New Day" on Tuesday that there are currently between 300 and 400 people staying at each store.


He shared photos on social media showing children playing on mattresses and others sitting on couches.

“These are great people; they’re not harming the inventory,” he told CNN. “They are fine.”

McIngvale said he is providing food to those staying in the stores, noting that most food options nearby are closed because of the hurricane.

“If we can do that and make their lives a little easier as they try and get things back together, then maybe we’ve done something right in our lives,” he said.

Harvey dropped 25 inches of rain on Houston over the weekend, and more precipitation is expected. At least eight people in the region have died, and mass evacuations are underway.