Border Patrol defends role in Texas hurricane recovery
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The U.S. Border Patrol on Thursday defended its role in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, saying it is completely devoted to rescue operations.

Border Patrol South Texas chief of staff John Morris told The Associated Press that agents are not currently working to enforce immigration laws and are "absolutely 100 percent here for rescue and safety."

The patrol had 35 boats deployed on Thursday to help rescue people stranded in wreckage and has rescued about 450 people since deploying boats in the Houston area on Monday, the official said.


The AP noted that the patrol's arrival in storm-ravaged Houston had put some immigrants on edge.

The patrol did not suspend checkpoints along the region's border with Mexico when the storm hit the area, which critics said could put people in danger.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) previously said that people seeking shelter from the storm in state-provided centers would not be required to show identification or documentation.