Former Sheriff David Clarke must revise thesis or lose degree: report
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Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke (D) is now required to rework his master's thesis or risk losing his degree in security studies from the Naval Postgraduate School, CNN reported on Friday.

Documents provided to CNN under the Freedom of Information Act revealed the Monterrey, Calif., school has given Clarke, who now works for a pro-President Trump political group, until Oct. 23 to revise parts of his thesis, “Making U.S. security and privacy rights compatible,” after accusations of plagiarism.

Clarke had reportedly borrowed language from several sources in his 2013 master's thesis, citing the sources in footnotes but not showing through quotations instances in which they were quoted verbatim.


The former sheriff denied all the allegations after CNN's original report in May, claiming that the reporting team had a "political agenda." 

One week before the May report, Clarke said he had been appointed as an assistant in the Department of Homeland Security. The department later announced in June that Clarke was no longer being considered for the position in the Trump administration.  

Clarke resigned his office as sheriff in August after facing criticism over a number of deaths in a prison within his jurisdiction. 

In September, Clarke announced that he would be joining the pro-Trump America First Action political action committee in order to better "promote President Trump's agenda."