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FEMA takes down data on Puerto Rico access to water and electricity: report

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website has removed key statistics on Puerto Rico's recovery from Hurricane Maria from its website, according to The Washington Post.

FEMA removed information on Puerto Rico's access to clean drinking water and electricity, both of which were severely crippled by the storm. On Wednesday, the site reported that half of the U.S. territory's residents had access to clean drinking water and 5 percent had power, according to the Post. 

But on Thursday, that information was missing from the website. 

Up-to-date reports on the availability of water and power on the island can now be found on a site run by the Puerto Rico governor's office, which is entirely in Spanish, a FEMA spokesman told the Post. They did not give a reason for the removal of the statistics from the agency's website. 

The official federal site still shows other vital statistics on Puerto Rico, such as the roughly 65 percent of grocery stores that are open, along with 64 percent of its wastewater treatment facilities. All of the island's ports and airports are now fully operational as well.  

While FEMA says that 92 percent of hospitals and 96 percent of dialysis centers on the island are now open, many hospitals are still running on emergency power, crippling air conditioning systems in the facilities and imperiling hospital patients to the island's tropical heat. 

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossell√≥ raised the official death toll from the hurricane to 34 on Wednesday, and some experts predict the toll will rise even more as the federal government continues to help the island regain access to vital resources. 

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