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Scarborough pens op-ed slamming GOP for silence on gun safety

Joe Scarborough is slamming the GOP for their silence on gun control, calling politicians who cater to "extreme" gun rights voters "dead wrong" on gun safety.

The Washington Post published an op-ed by the "Morning Joe" host on Thursday titled, "The GOP's silence insults the dead."

In his piece, Scarborough accuses Republican lawmakers of side-stepping conversations about gun control because their reelections depend on Second Amendment-supporting constituents and lobbyists.

"You have to wonder when one powerful Republican will finally say that enough is enough, that getting reelected is not worth living in a country where his or her children go to bed afraid that tomorrow might be the day they are gunned down at their bus stop, at their school or at a country music concert," Scarborough wrote.

Scarborough's op-ed comes as more GOP lawmakers are expressing support for a bill that would ban "bump stocks," a device used by the Las Vegas gunman to increase a weapon's rate of gunfire. Still, many Republican leaders have said that it is too soon after the Las Vegas shooting to discuss gun laws.

Scarborough called the NRA and GOP "wildly out of step" with most Americans' views on guns, and said that most law enforcement, registered Republicans and even NRA members support increased background checks and gun safety laws.

"What must be done?" Scarborough wrote. "That is a difficult question, but it is made impossible when leaders in Congress refuse to even engage in the debate."