Harvey Weinstein tricked by email prankster: report
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Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein and his former legal adviser both engaged in an email conversation with a reputed prankster regarding recent allegations of sexual assault against Weinstein, CNN reports.

"Lisa, I've had time to think, and I do understand why you felt unable to remain on my team," said the prankster posing as Weinstein to the producer's former legal adviser Lisa Bloom.

The high-profile attorney, who is well-known for representing women in sexual harassment cases, resigned from representing Weinstein on Saturday amid criticism over representing the producer after The New York Times uncovered decades of allegations of sexual harassment against him. 

"Thank you Harvey... The new round of far more serious allegations were not made known to me so I could not have realized," said Bloom to the faux Weinstein. "But I am not revealing any of that publicly because that's between you and me."

When pushed to be "candid" by the prankster on specific reasons why she left his side, she responded "Sexual assault," according to CNN. 

Three women, in The New Yorker, have accused Weinstein of rape, pointing to specific instances of unwanted sexual acts. Sixteen former and current employees of his companies said that they had known of the behavior. 

The prankster also fooled Weinstein himself, posing as former White House communications director Anita Dunn, who Weinstein reportedly consulted with after the damaging story in the Times. 

"I'm sick - I need your advice. All my best, Harvey," said the real Weinstein to the prankster.

"I'm sure redemption can be found Harvey, but only if you're willing to be as brave as those who have found the strength to stand up to you," said the fake Dunn. 

"You should be willing to accept your fate graciously, and not seek to deny or discredit those who your behaviour has affected," they added, to which Weinstein said "I agree." 

Many high-profile Democratic politicians have condemned Weinstein's actions, which have resulted in his firing from The Weinstein Company, his own production studio.