Koch-backed group launches new ad campaign on tax reform
© Greg Nash

A conservative group backed by the Koch brothers has launched a new ad campaign targeting organizations working on behalf of special interests they say are threatening tax reform. 


Freedom Partners, a group partially funded by Koch Industries that shares many of its executive board members, will broadcast the ad in Washington. The ad calls on Congress to create a "simpler, fairer tax system that helps ordinary Americans."

The ad targets politicians and businesses that are "promoting corporate welfare" and "protecting their special tax advantages," calling attention to the lobbyists actively working in Washington to protect tax sheltering from the upcoming GOP-led tax reform push. 

"Our goal is to shine a light on the process so the American people can demand a tax code that puts their interests ahead of special interests. A tax code that picks winners and losers and puts tax giveaways before taxpayers has perpetuated this rigged system," said Executive Vice President James Davis in a statement, calling for tax reform fair to all Americans. 

Republicans introduced legislation in September to revise the tax code, which tax-focused committees will flesh out after Congress passes a new budget resolution.