Chef sued by Trump slams Puerto Rico response: 'We are feeding the National Guard'
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Spanish-American chef and restauranteur José Andrés on Friday accused the federal government of not doing enough to help the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. 

The Washington-based Andrés, whom President Trump sued when he backed out of a plan to open a restaurant in Trump's D.C. hotel, took issue with a government focus on feeding responders instead of suffering Puerto Ricans.


Andrés, whose non-profit disaster relief organization World Central Kitchen has reportedly served over 350,000 meals to islanders struck by the disaster, as food and water on Puerto Rico remain scarce after the storm. 

He previously called out the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the agency leading the government's response efforts, saying that its base of operations there is "the most inefficient place on earth." 

The government is "leaving the people of Puerto Rico hungry and thirsty," he said in the tweet addressed to Trump.

Andrés and his organization are working to increase the number of people served hot meals each day and expanding their service to remote parts of the island not easily reachable.