Ronan Farrow working on Weinstein follow-up: report

NBC investigative reporter Ronan Farrow is working on a follow-up report to his exposé on Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, according to the New York Post.

Farrow is reportedly speaking to former employees of Weinstein's company, to gather more information on the company's culture, which an insider source told the Post that Farrow is looking to release quickly. 


The next report will also be published in The New Yorker, the insider said, as was his first explosive piece on Weinstein that revealed three women who accused Weinstein of rape and 13 women who claimed Weinstein had sexually harassed or assaulted them. 

Another 16 employees from Weinstein's company said they had witnessed or knew about the film executive's misconduct, which Ronan may investigate more in his next piece on the issue. 

NBC stopped Farrow from running with the story over the summer, claiming that he didn't have enough concrete information at the time to publish it. The network has been criticized for its decision to pass up the story, which affected numerous women affected by the producer's behavior. 

Farrow, who is a freelancer for NBC and MSNBC, has been pursued by a number of other news networks  trying to sign a contract with him.