Video captured Texas gunman shooting victims ‘execution-style’

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Video captured during the church massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday shows 26-year-old Devin Kelley shooting victims execution-style, according to investigators.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that a video camera captured the scene inside the First Baptist Church, where 26 people were killed and many more were injured during Sunday services. The camera was owned by the church, which regularly posts sermons online.

Kelley died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after a bystander drew his weapon and fired, striking him and forcing the gunman to flee to his car. Investigators later found Kelley dead after his car crashed.


Kelley received a “bad conduct” discharge from the Air Force after a domestic assault on his wife and her young child. His court-martial conviction should have barred him from purchasing firearms, but the Air Force announced this week it was not properly reported to the FBI database.

Lawmakers quickly turned to the military’s reporting system to see if such failures might be systemic.

A motive has not yet been uncovered for the shooting, though preliminary reports indicated the cause could have been a domestic disturbance. Investigators say it could take months to understand why it occurred.

“I’m not sure we’ll know immediately why all of this happened or had to happen,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told CNN on Sunday.

“It would not shock me if it takes more than a day or two, it may take weeks to unravel why this person decided to do this horrific thing.”

Vice President Pence traveled Wednesday to the state to meet with victims and families of those who were killed or wounded.

Sources close to the investigation also confirmed to the Times that the smartphone found by police at the scene is an iPhone. FBI agents said Tuesday they have been unable to access the phone but publicly declined to identify the type of phone.

In 2016, the FBI and Apple were in a standoff over the phone belonging to the dead terrorist behind the San Bernardino, Calif., attack. Apple refused to unlock the phone for authorities. The FBI eventually hired a third party to help crack the device.

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