'Creep list’ of men known for inappropriate behavior circulates in Congress: report
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Staff say an unwritten "creep list" of lawmakers and other Capitol Hill employees known for unwanted or inappropriate sexual behavior is being circulated through word-of-mouth, according to a new report in CNN

The list keeps track of the male members most known for their inappropriate behavior in the offices, where one former House aide said that many men "have no self-control" around their female colleagues. 

More than 50 Hill staffers and lawmakers told CNN that they have experienced sexual harassment or unwanted advances while working in Congress. 


Lawmakers are beginning to address the issue. The House Administration Committee is holding a hearing on Tuesday, while the Senate unanimously passed a resolution last week requiring mandatory sexual harassment training for Senators and their staffs.

CNN reported that more than a half a dozen people it interviewed said a California congressman pursued female staffers. Another half dozen accused a Texas congressman of inappropriate behavior. CNN said it was not naming either of those lawmakers because the stories are unverified.

"Amongst ourselves, we know," a former Senate aide said told CNN, referring to sexual harassers and their behavior. "There is a certain code amongst us, we acknowledge among each other what occurs."