Bill Clinton distributes relief supplies in Puerto Rico
© Getty Images

Former President Clinton arrived Monday in Puerto Rico to help distribute supplies and meet with residents as the island recovers from Hurricane Maria.

Clinton brought with him medical supplies and solar energy equipment donated by the Clinton Foundation, which has already shipped 76 tons of medicine and medical equipment to the island since Sept. 20, The Associated Press reported

Clinton is scheduled to visit health clinics and meet with Puerto Rican officials later in the day.

Hurricane Maria battered the island in September, crippling infrastructure and leaving much of the U.S. territory without power.

Thousands of people attended a Unity March for Puerto Rico on Sunday in Washington, D.C. “Hamilton” playwright and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda headlined the event, and he emphasized that the island still needs help from the Trump administration.

Miranda and others were critical of the Trump administration’s response to the storm.

The official death toll from the hurricane stands at 55 people, but San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz estimated earlier this month that the actual number is likely closer to 500. Some deaths that were classified as "natural causes" could actually have resulted from the hurricane, she said.