NY state lawmaker prohibited from having interns after sexual harassment allegation
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A New York state lawmaker will no longer be allowed to employ any interns, after the state assembly ethics committee found him guilty of violating its sexual harassment policy.  

The committee presented its findings and officially sanctioned Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R) on Wednesday, ABC News 10 reports. 

According to the report, McLaughlin violated the policy last year by asking a female legislative staffer for nude photos. 


McLaughlin also violated the committee's confidentiality policy by releasing her name when she filed a complaint over the harassment, and later lied to investigators that he had no knowledge of the accusations, according to The Associated Press

McLaughlin issued a statement denying the allegations as a politically motivated attack on his legal career by members of the ethics committee. 

He described the ethics ruling as a "pathetic political hit job" and said a faction of lawmakers on the committee had "sunk to a new low" and denied the claims as "untrue, baseless and legally infirm."