Trump: The only people opposed to tax bill don't understand it
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President Trump said Wednesday that the only people opposed to the Republican tax-reform bill are those who don't understand it, as the Senate prepares to vote on the legislation. 

"The only people who don’t like the Tax Cut Bill are the people that don’t understand it or the Obstructionist Democrats that know how really good it is and do not want the credit and success to go to the Republicans!" Trump tweeted, pushing back against Democratic criticism of the bill.

Democrats have raised concerns that the bill — which would cut the corporate tax rate to 20 percent, double the standard deduction and add an estimated $1.4 trillion to the deficit over a decade, among other things — would disproportionately benefit the wealthy.

Republicans hope to pass the bill by Christmas, marking the first major legislative victory for the administration. 


The Senate voted Wednesday to begin debates on the House-passed tax-reform legislation by a party-line vote of 52-48, after the Senate Budget Committee approved the bill on Tuesday. 

Trump pressured Republican holdouts on the bill this week, as Republicans can only spare two defections from its Senate majority to pass the bill, given that Vice President Pence casts a tie-breaking vote.