NFL anthem protests continue after league agrees to fund player activism
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NFL player protests continued during the national anthem prior to Sunday’s early games, despite a league agreement to fund player activism efforts.

At least 20 players demonstrated during or after the national anthem on Sunday, The Associated Press reported. Three players for the San Francisco 49ers and three Miami Dolphins players took a knee during the anthem before the teams’ respective games.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Tyus Bowser knelt for the first few verses of the national anthem, then stood for the rest, as he has done previously this season.

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews, who has stayed off the field for the anthem before, was inactive on Sunday, but did not appear on the field prior to the game.

Three other Titans players raised their fists over their heads after the song concluded.

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, who drew criticism directly from President Trump earlier this season, sat during the national anthem on Sunday, as he has all season.

New York Giants defensive lineman Olivier Vernon knelt for the anthem on Sunday, which he has done all season.

Seven Seattle Seahawks also sat or knelt during the national anthem on Sunday ahead of their game against the Philadelphia Eagles, according to the AP.

Offensive lineman Duane Brown knelt during the anthem, while the other players remained seated on the bench.

NFL players have protested social justice issues, such as police brutality, since the 2016 season, either kneeling or raising a fist during the national anthem. The issue was brought into the spotlight again in September, when President Trump suggested those taking a knee should be fired.


Players have been spotted protesting each week since Trump's remarks. 

Trump has continued his criticism of the league for allowing the protests to continue without punishment.

The NFL reached an agreement late last week to provide nearly $90 million for causes deemed important by players, with a special focus on issues facing African-American communities.

Following the agreement, Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins — who has protested during the anthem throughout this season — will not protest prior to his team’s game Sunday night, ESPN reported.

"All of this really is in good faith, and I think if the league continues to come through or deliver on their word, then I see no need to go back to what I was doing," Jenkins said.

On Sunday, players were able to take part in the "My Cause, My Cleats" campaign, which allowed them to show support for charitable causes on their shoes.

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