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Ticket prices for New Year's Eve at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort rise: report

President Trump's private Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida has reportedly raised ticket prices for its annual New Year's Eve party.

Tickets this year will cost $600 for members and $750 for their guests, up from $525 and $575, respectively, in 2016, Politico reported.

Trump attended the event last year. The White House has not released the president's 2017 holiday plans, but the Federal Aviation Administration has issued a "VIP Movement" alert in Palm Beach that will last until New Year's Day. 

The resort sold tickets to the party with Trump last year, when he was president-elect, raising concerns about conflicts of interest. Trump has since relinquished control of his business empire, which is now run by his two oldest sons.

Bobby Burchfield, an outside ethics adviser for the Trump Organization, told the news outlet that he does not think Trump's attendance is an ethics concern.

"I personally don't see any issues that are raised," he said. "It's not a campaign event. It's a normal business New Year's Eve party."

He added that the increase in ticket prices is not surprising.

"In this economy, we're seeing prices for a lot of things go up," he said.

According to Politico, other costs at Mar-a-Lago have gone up since Trump's inauguration. Initiation fees, for example, have doubled to $200,000.

Trump has frequently visited Mar-a-Lago, which he dubbed the "Winter White House." His trips have sparked backlash due to security costs passed on to taxpayers and inconveniences to locals.

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