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Trump friend: Fair to call him an ‘accidental president’

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A longtime friend of President Trump said Thursday that Trump is an “accidental president.”

CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked Chris Ruddy, the CEO of right-leaning news site Newsmax, whether he believed a new book’s claim that Trump was not expecting to be elected president in 2016. 

Do you think though at the end of the day, Chris Ruddy, that President Trump is an accidental president?” Baldwin asked.


“I think that’s a fair word. I think he wasn’t intending it,” Ruddy replied. “I think he was accidentally, it was a series of accidental circumstances that led to it.”

The new book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” by Michael Wolff characterizes Trump as “horrified” when he realized he would be the president and says that his closest advisers were sure he would lose. 

“But I also think at the same time, it’s not a guy that was completely unprepared for the job. I think he does have certain requisites,” Ruddy added.

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