CNN analyst Phil Mudd unloads on Trump's 's---hole' comment: 'We should be ashamed'
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CNN counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd unloaded on President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump renews attacks against Tester over VA nominee on eve of Montana rally Trump submits 2017 federal income tax returns Corker: Trump administration 'clamped down' on Saudi intel, canceled briefing MORE's "shithole" comment on Thursday, saying that "we should be ashamed" of the president. 

Mudd used a series of racial slurs to emphasize his point that Americans have always regretted racial profiling and the use of racist terms to describe groups immigrating to the U.S. 

“A century ago we called people slant eyes … and now they’re a backbone of this country,” Mudd said on CNN's "The Situation Room." “In the 1940s, we called people traitors because they came from a shithole country called Japan, and we're ashamed.”

“We called people who fled from conflict in Central America spics and wetbacks, and we're ashamed,” he went on. “The president is growing this country on the backbone of bigotry that comes from when I saw my family called spics, wops and mackerel eaters. We should be ashamed. We’ve learned way too many lessons and history will tell you that if you don’t read history, you’ll repeat them. That’s what our president did for us today.”

Trump reportedly referred to Haiti and multiple African countries as "shithole countries" during an immigration meeting in the Oval Office, where lawmakers brought up the possibility of returning protected status to countries whose citizens were allowed temporary shelter in the U.S.  

Mudd, the former deputy director of CIA's Counterterrorist Center, compared the president's remarks to past instances of discrimination against immigrants from foreign nations, such as the internment of Japanese immigrants in the U.S. during World War II.  

Mudd said the remarks reminded him of derogatory terms aimed at his family of Italian and Irish immigrants and called himself a "proud shitholer."