Christie becomes first NJ governor in decades to avoid breaking leg

Chris Christie (R), whose term as New Jersey governor officially ended on Tuesday, became the state's first elected governor in decades to go his entire time in office without breaking a leg.

Each of the three elected governors before Christie broke one of their legs during their term, former Obama administration official Eric Columbus noted on Twitter.

Columbus noted that Christie’s predecessor, John Corzine, broke his leg and other bones in a car accident in 2007.


Before that, Jim McGreevey broke his leg in 2002 after he stepped off a berm while walking on the beach.

Finally, Christie Todd Whitman broke her leg in 1999 in a skiing accident in Switzerland.

Columbus's discovery was first reported by The Associated Press.

Christie's second term as governor officially concluded this week. He left office with record-low approval ratings. Only 14 percent of voters approved of his performance late last year.

He was replaced by Democrat Phil Murphy, who was elected in November.