Dem senator calls for probe into USA Gymnastics sexual abuse scandal
© Victoria Sarno Jordan
Shaheen tweeted a link to a Washington Post column by Sally Jenkins demanding a neutral investigation into USA Gymnastics, a national organization that is approved by Congress.
“I agree w/ @sallyjenx. I'm drafting a letter to Senate leadership calling for an immediate investigation into how these horrific abuses were allowed to happen,” Shaheen wrote.
Larry Nassar, a USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University sports doctor, was sentenced earlier Wednesday to up to 175 years in prison for the sexual assault of dozens of young girls. 
More than 150 women, including several Olympic gymnasts, testified that Nassar molested them while claiming to treat them for sports injuries.
Jenkins, in her column, called for Congress to step up and investigate "the worst sex abuse scandal in the history of sports, and maybe in the history this country."
“Where in the fresh red hell is an independent investigation into USA Gymnastics, and why isn’t Congress threatening to smash the U.S. Olympic Committee’s charter into pieces with a gavel over this?” she wrote.