Pennsylvania middle schooler charged after allegedly threatening school shooting
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A 13-year-old student in Pennsylvania was reportedly arrested and charged with two counts of terroristic threats after allegedly threatening a shooting at his school.

Police say the male Wendover Middle School student made verbal and written threats to carry out a mass shooting at the school and threatened to shoot a specific female teenager, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

Westmoreland County Superintendent Tammy Wolicki said in a letter to parents that school officials immediately investigated after learning about the threat.

“Student safety is a priority,” Wolicki said. “Open lines of communication with our school community is necessary to promote a safe and secure learning environment for our students.”


The student is being held at the Westmoreland County Juvenile Detention Center, according to CBS Pittsburgh. The middle school was also closed on Wednesday due to a possible overnight break-in, officials said.

This incident comes just days after police say 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz opened fire at a Florida high school, killing 17 students and staff and injuring 14 others. The shooting has sparked a resurgence in calls for gun control legislation.

Several other reports have emerged in the past week of students being arrested after threatening school attacks. Law enforcement officials warn of the potential for copycat incidents following mass shootings.