HBO host Bill Maher joked on Friday that President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump nominates Jeffrey Rosen to replace Rosenstein at DOJ McCabe says ‘it’s possible’ Trump is a Russian asset McCabe: Trump ‘undermining the role of law enforcement’ MORE's administration is "modeled on the mob," casting the president as an old New York City mob boss.

“People call this presidency a 'reality show.' It’s more like a Scorsese movie,” Maher remarked. “Everything Trump does is modeled on the mob."

Maher, a critic of Trump on his show "Real Time," pointed to figures in the president's orbit and the legal trouble facing the the lifelong New Yorker.

"Who does Trump surround himself with? Disposable lawyers and idiot members of his own family. Who’s his worst enemy? The FBI," Maher said. "He's so much like a Don, his name is literally Don."


The left-leaning host jokingly mused on how a figure like Trump could appeal to value voters in America's heartland.

"Here's my theory – you didn't like that the country had been taken over by liberals and feminists and elites, whatever. So you were feeling vulnerable and disrespected, so you brought in some muscle from the east coast for protection and now you're married to the mob," Maher said to applause. 

Alluding to a number of lawsuits over the president's family business since taking office, which claim that his luxury real estate company has benefitted unfairly from his position, Maher accused the president of using the White House as a "legitimate front business" to financially benefit his family.

Maher told Trump supporters that this is “what you get when you get in bed with the mob.”