A Massachusetts state lawmaker was accused this month of physical assault by a political challenger, but the challenger on Thursday lost his request for a harassment order against him.

Sam Meas, a candidate for the state House, claimed state Rep. Rady Mom (D) choked him after he said hello at a graduation party earlier this month, according to the Lowell Sun.

Meas alleged that he tapped the lawmaker on the shoulder to say hello and Mom "went ballistic" by grabbing his hand and then his neck to choke him.

Meas subsequently sought a harassment protection order against Mom.


However, a judge ruled Thursday that there was "not sufficient basis" for the order, according to the Sun.

A police report filed three days after the incident lists six witnesses from the graduation party, but five of those six said they did not see the incident and one did not characterize it the same as Meas, according to the Sun.

"This is not for political gain," Meas said at the hearing, according to the Sun's report. "I'm fearful for my life."

Meas, who previously worked for Mom as his campaign manager, has claimed that the May 5 incident was just the latest in a series of "politically intimidating" incidents where Mom pushed or grabbed Meas at public or political events.  

"We have to demonstrate to the community that Rady Mom is an elected official, and his conduct has to be above everybody else," Meas told the Sun.

Mom did not respond to requests for comment by the Sun or The Associated Press, but he denied the account at the hearing. He said he shook Meas' hand after he tapped his shoulder at the event.

"A couple of days later, I was shocked that I got a police report," Mom said in the hearing.