Parkland survivor calls on media to stop naming school shooters
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Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg called on the press to stop naming the 17-year-old suspected gunman who killed 10 at a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, last week.

"I don't know the shooters name and don't want to. If you agree, anytime you see a post with their name or face from news organizations post #NoNotoriety with one of the victim's names," Hogg tweeted on Sunday.

“We make these sick people known worldwide for their horrifying acts, let’s stop that,” Hogg added.

He also said he doesn’t know the name of the shooter and nor does he want to.


Hogg is one of the many student survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting in February that began advocating for gun reform.

On Friday, CNN host Anderson Cooper said he would not name the Texas shooter during his program.

“The name of the alleged killer will not be said nor will his face be shown. The only thing he deserves is justice. His victims deserve far better,” Cooper said.

Advocates have often cited a study that argues publicizing the name of a shooter leads to a “copycat effect” that increase the likelihood of more mass shootings for two weeks after a shooting incident.

Groups like “No Notoriety” and “Don’t Name Them” have gotten some support from law enforcement in their push to not name or provide photos of shooters.