Former President Carter told graduates at Liberty University that discrimination against women and girls is the biggest challenge the world faces today.

In his commencement address on Saturday, Carter said that such discrimination is now an even bigger problem than wealth disparity.

“Recently, I’ve changed my mind about the biggest challenge that the world faces,” Carter said. “I think now it’s a human rights problem and it is the discrimination against women and girls in the world.”


Carter spoke about human trafficking and sexual assault, including sexual assault in the U.S. military, as examples of discrimination, as well as parents aborting pregnancies or killing daughters after birth in favor of sons.

The 93-year-old Carter, who is the third president to deliver Liberty University’s commencement address, urged graduates to be truthful and kind in their lives beyond graduation.

"We decide whether we tell the truth or benefit from telling lies,” he said. “We're the ones who decide, do I hate or am I filled with love? We're the ones who decide, do I only think about myself, or do I care for others? We ourselves make these decisions and no one else.”

He also took a single jab at President Trump, joking that the crowd size was bigger than it had been when Trump gave the address last year.