Police arrested a passenger at the gate after an American Airlines flight who chased a flight attendant and got into a fight with another passenger while in the air, The Washington Post reported.

About an hour into the flight from the U.S. Virgin Islands to Miami, Florida, Jason Felix asked a flight attendant for another beer but was refused, according to an FBI affidavit of the event.  

He climbed over his seatmate, a police officer from the U.S. Virgin Islands, and chased the flight attendant, waving his arms in the attendant’s face.


The officer in the adjacent seat then also stood up and engaged Felix in what turned into a fight. Felix reportedly also spit in the man’s face and tore his t-shirt, according to the Post.

In a video of the altercation, the two men are seen wrapped around each other while passengers try to separate them.

“I’m going to kill you. I know you are a cop,” Felix screamed at the man from the aisle seat, according to the FBI affidavit.

A flight attendant asked the police officer to sit in another seat. Felix continued to curse at the officer from his seat.

After landing in Miami, at least four officers boarded the plane and escorted Felix out, according to the Post.

He was arrested and will be held until a detention hearing on Tuesday. Felix faces a charge of interfering with a flight crew, a crime that is punishable by up to a 20 year sentence.