Late teacher leaves $1M donation for scholarships for special education students at her old school
© Dumont School District

A New Jersey teacher who died seven years ago is still giving back to her district’s students with disabilities.

Dumont Public Schools earlier this year received a $1 million check from the estate of beloved instructor Genevieve Via Cava.

Via Cava, who worked with students with learning disabilities for 45 years in the district, left the massive donation to fund scholarships for special education students to seek post-secondary education, CNN reported on Monday.


The scholarships, at a maximum of $25,000 per student, will be available for next year’s graduates.

Superintendent Emanuele Triggiano told CNN that Via Cava’s donation was a “blessing.” He said that the teacher once mentioned to him that she had “accumulated a large sum of money” that she planned on donating, but that he did not think much of her comment.

Richard Jablonski, a close friend of Via Cava’s, told CNN that the educator was extremely frugal, even avoiding spending a large sum of money for hearing aids she needed. She also had no children or immediate family.

“Her name will go on forever, and rightfully so,” Jablonski said of his friend’s donation.

She also left $100,000 donations to five other organizations.