Chicago bar walks back ban on MAGA hats: 'Everyone is welcome'

A Chicago bar and arcade has walked back its ban on “Make America Great Again” hats and has apologized for the short-lived policy.

Replay Lincoln Park, a Chicago bar and arcade, said in a Facebook post Tuesday that “everyone is welcome” at the establishment.

“We are sorry for our recent actions and realize now that our posts were inappropriate,” the post read. “We meant to be funny and we took it too far. Everyone is welcome at Replay Lincoln Park.”


“Our world is filled with a lot of differences, and Replay Lincoln Park has always been a respite from that; a nostalgic, carefree arcade bar where people have fun and escape the outside world,” the post continued.

As of Tuesday evening, the Replay Facebook page appeared to have been taken down, but Fox News reported on a screen shot of the post.

Replay said in a previous post on Saturday that patrons wearing the iconic Trump campaign hat would be banned. The policy also barred face tattoos.

“No face tattoos, no specific hats, please see below,” the post read. “Let’s keep it classy Chicago. Sincerely, management.”

It is unclear if the policy, which sparked both outrage and support on social media, was ever enforced.