Uber driver who kicked out lesbian couple getting taxi license back
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A New York City judge this week sided with an Uber driver whose taxi license was suspended after he kicked a lesbian couple out of his car.

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) suspended Ahmad El Boutari’s license last month after a lesbian couple accused him of discrimination.

He reportedly told the women to leave his car after they kissed.

The women, Alex Iovine and Emma Pichl, described the kiss as a “peck,” but El Boutari claims that the couple went further and “were about to have sex in the car.”

Judge Joycelyn McGeachy-Kuls wrote in her Monday decision that TLC did not provide sufficient evidence that El Boutari discriminated against the passengers on the basis of sexual orientation, and recommended that his license be reinstated.


“Respondent credibly testified that he asked the complainants to get out of his car because their conduct violated Uber’s policy prohibiting sexual contact between passengers,” she wrote.

The case went before the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings after TLC suspended El Boutari’s license.

The incident went viral after Iovine posted a video of the confrontation online, in which the couple can be seen arguing with El Boutari.

McGeachy-Kuls wrote in her decision that it “seems unlikely” that El Boutari would have asked the women to leave his car over a “peck kiss” because it would have resulted in him giving up the fare and risking a bad Uber rating from the passengers. She also said that the couple gave conflicting testimony to Uber, TLC and at the OATH hearing, according to the New York Post.

An Uber spokesperson told NBC News that the company has removed El Boutari’s access to the Uber app, and that the company has been in touch with Iovine and Pichl about the incident.