Chicago police release body cam video of cop fatally shooting black man
© Chicago Police Department

The Chicago police on Sunday released a bodycam video of an officer fatally shooting a 37-year-old black man, Harith Augustus, whose death mobilized hundreds of Chicago protesters over the weekend. 

Augustus, a local barber whose nickname was "Snoop," was shot and killed by a police officer over the weekend. Officers claimed he appeared to be armed, and the released video appears to confirm their assessment, as it reveals a pistol and ammunition magazine tucked into his pants. 

In the video, officers shove Augustus onto a police vehicle and when he tries to run away, an officer shoots him. Some who have studied the video, including Patrol Chief Fred Waller, claim it shows Augustus reaching for his weapon as he flees.


"From police perspective, you know, these things happen in a split second," Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said on Sunday during a press conference. "Officers have to make decisions quickly."

Illinois has concealed carry laws that allow licensed individuals to carry firearms. 

A freeze frame from the video shows Augustus with his wallet in his hand and what appears to be a Firearm Owners Identification Card peeking out, which allows qualified people to buy weapons, according to The Washington Post

A neighbor described Augustus as "cool, laid back, [and] very intelligent" to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Chicago protests over Augustus's death turned violent on Saturday as police officers hit protestors with batons and shoved journalists covering the outcry. Protesters reportedly threw rocks and bottles at police officers.

Four people were arrested during the protests.

Though the officer's name has not been released, the police department said he is relatively new to the force and they have placed him on 30 days of administrative duty. 

About 50 protesters on Sunday night marched from the spot where the shooting occurred on the South Side of Chicago. 

According to The Washington Post's database of police shooting deaths, 106 black people have been shot and killed by the police in the U.S. in 2018.

"Every time they [police] kill one of us, they’re doing an injustice to everybody,” Aldo Reyes, a South Side resident involved in the protests, told the Sun-Times on Saturday.