Woman gets 15 years for attacking 92-year-old with brick, telling him to 'go back to your country
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A California woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the racially charged beating of a 92-year-old Mexican man that was captured on camera and drew public outrage online last year.

CNN reported that Laquisha Jones, who pleaded no contest to one count of elder abuse in December after she was captured on video beating Rodolfo Rodriguez with a brick last July, was handed the sentence Thursday.


Rodriguez was assaulted by Jones while he was taking a routine walk around his neighborhood on July 4 last year.

It was previously reported that the man accidentally bumped into Jones’s daughter on the sidewalk, leading the 30-year-old mother to push him to the ground.

Jones then repeatedly hit Rodriguez’s face with a brick, police said. She also shouted “Go back to your country,” a resident who witnessed the incident told a local CBS affiliate.

In footage obtained by one of the witnesses, four men can reportedly be seen joining the mother in the attack, kicking the elderly man.

Deputy District Attorney Frank Dunnick told CNN affiliate KABC this week that prosecutors “were able to reach a disposition that I believe accurately reflects her conduct" with the sentence.

"It provides a significant punishment. And it sends a message to her and the community that this sort of violence is not going to be tolerated,” he continued. 

Rodriguez reportedly suffered a broken cheekbone, a broken jaw and two broken ribs from the incident. 

Rodriguez, who turned 92 last fall, has said that if God forgives Jones for her action, he will forgive her too, according to CNN.