A passerby tossed a milkshake on British politician Nigel Farage on Monday in Newcastle, England.

Farage, a member of the European Parliament who formerly led the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) before leaving it to form the Brexit Party in March, was hit with the milkshake while crossing a street in the northeastern English city, video posted online by The Telegraph shows.

Farage later berated his security detail, asking “how did you not stop that?”

A suspect was arrested after the incident, according to The Telegraph.

“I was quite looking forward to [the milkshake] but I think it went on a better purpose,” the man, Paul Crowther, reportedly said.


Farage is one of several far-right British figures to be hit with milkshakes in recent weeks. Several have been thrown at UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin, and anti-Muslim activist Tommy Robinson was also hit with one. Last Friday, a McDonald’s in Edinburgh, Scotland, ended milkshake and ice cream sales for the evening during a rally held by Farage.

“Sadly some remainers have become radicalised, to the extent that normal campaigning is becoming impossible,” Farage tweeted after Monday's incident, referencing those who wish to remain in the European Union.

“For a civilised democracy to work you need the losers consent, politicians not accepting the [Brexit] referendum result have led us to this,” he added.