Graduate's photo honoring farmworker parents goes viral
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A graduation photo shoot by a woman commemorating her farmworker parents went viral over the weekend, according to KTVU.

Erica Alfaro, who earned her master’s degree from San Diego State University, posed in her cap and gown with her parents in the Carlsbad, Calif., strawberry fields, one of several locations where they have worked 10 hours a day, seven days a week.


"I dedicate my Master’s to my parents with great affection,” Alfaro, who earned her bachelor’s degree from California State University, San Marcos in 2017 after becoming a mother at 15 and surviving domestic violence, said in a Facebook post.

Alfaro told the news outlet that her parents do not have any formal education and that she is the first member of her family to attend graduate school. She told the outlet she plans to work as a school counselor for a nonprofit organization now that her degree is complete.