Self-help guru Tony Robbins accused of forcing people to drink mystery 'gross' liquid
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Self-help guru Tony Robbins allegedly made his followers drink "gross" liquid concoctions after failing at tasks during his public, staged events, according to a new report.

The accusations come after BuzzFeed reportedly reviewed videos and documents revealing Robbins's actions, claiming the life coach forced audience members to drink the unknown mixtures after placing "L" stickers on their foreheads and playing the song "Loser" by Beck. 


Jennifer Connelly, a spokeswoman for Robbins, challenged BuzzFeed's reporting and said the outlet is "continuing their premeditated attack on Tony Robbins and his life's work."

"Their latest article is absurd and something that more aptly belongs in the Onion. There is absolutely nothing harmful provided to participants who choose to attend the seminars.  What BuzzFeed described is out of context and is, in actuality, as harmless and light-hearted as daytime game show fun," Connelly added. 

A former staffer told BuzzFeed News the routine "was highly inappropriate and falls into the category of public shaming, which is common for Robbins."

Former Robbins insiders told BuzzFeed News the "gross shots" often made participants sick, and believed they likely contained laxatives. 

Robbins's lawyers said the drinks contained "pickle juice, apple juice, lemon juice, tomato juice and a dash of tabasco" and no laxatives, according to BuzzFeed. 

BuzzFeed released an internal planning document from a Robbins "Business Mastery" event in Florida in January that backs up the allegations made by witnesses. The document includes a 20-minute time slot assigned for placing the "L-sticker" and giving the "gross shot" to the "learning team."

Followers paid around $10,000 to attend the five-day event in Palm Beach, according to BuzzFeed News.   

“Participants were throwing up all over the place, in public restrooms, hotel rooms,” Gary King, Robbins’s former director of security, told BuzzFeed News.

The outlet has previously reported on alleged misbehavior by Robbins, which his legal team continues to deny. 

In May, BuzzFeed News unearthed a decades-old video of Robbins saying the N-word while lecturing African Americans on responding to racism.  

Earlier in May, BuzzFeed reported numerous sexual harassment accusations women made against Robbins. 

His attorneys issued a lengthy letter slamming the outlet and accusing it of acting in bad faith. 

Robbin's latest book was reportedly dropped by his publisher in May following the reports. 

In a statement to The Hill, representatives for Robbins said that the book was "to be written by Peter Mallouk with contributions from Tony Robbins" and that "contractual terms were never reached nor finalized with its planned publisher."

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