#MeToo backlash leads Disney to delete controversial scene from 'Toy Story 2'
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Disney reportedly deleted a "blooper" at the end of "Toy Story 2" from newly released and downloaded versions of the movie following the #MeToo backlash against Hollywood's culture of sexual harassment that took down the Pixar franchise's own director. 

The scene features character Stinky Pete, an older man, suggestively stroking the hands of two Barbie dolls and telling them "I'm sure I can get you a part in 'Toy Story 3,' " before abruptly stopping when caught by cameras. 

The deleted scene depicts a situation similar to allegations women have made in recent years about men in Hollywood abusing power dynamics, including Toy Story director John Lasseter.


The culture of harassment has come under fire since news broke in 2017 alleging film mogul Harvey Weinstein repeatedly sexually harassed and assaulted women involved with his productions.

Lasseter announced he'd be leaving Disney last year, after The Hollywood Reporter published an investigation revealing accusations from numerous Pixar employees saying the director was known for  “grabbing, kissing” and “making comments about physical attributes.”

The deleted "blooper" was first reported last month by the film site Rereleasenews, after it was noted on online forums last month. 

The Hill reached out to Disney for comment.