Black rag dolls designed to be abused pulled from shelves amid racism claims
© NJ Assemblywoman Angela McKnight/Facebook

A New Jersey-based dollar store chain pulled black rag dolls designed to be abused after complaints that the "Feel Better Dolls" were racist.

The One Dollar Zone reportedly removed the controversial product from multiple store locations.

New Jersey state lawmaker Angela McKnight (D) said she visited a store after hearing about the product on social media.


When she confronted the general manager, the item was promptly removed, McKnight said last week in a statement on Facebook.

"This doll is offensive and disturbing on so many levels," McKnight said. "It is clearly made in an inappropriate representation of a black person and instructs people to 'slam' and 'whack' her."

The black doll has a label instructing consumers to "grab it firmly by the legs and find a wall to slam the doll." 

"And as you whack the 'feel good doll,' do not forget to yell 'I FEEL GOOD, I FEEL GOOD,' " the label reads. 

"When I saw the doll in person, I cringed and was truly disheartened by the thought of a black child being beaten by another child or an adult for pure pleasure. To have a product depict or teach children that it is OK to hit another child, regardless of race, in order to feel good is sick," McKnight said.

The Hill reached out to One Dollar Zone for comment on social media. 

One Dollar Zone President Ricky Shah told CNN the company immediately pulled dolls from shelves after customers voiced concerns. The company also told the outlet the doll, purchased in an assorted 35,000 unit purchase, also comes in green and yellow colors. 

"One Dollar Zone deeply apologizes for this incident," Shah told CNN.

Based on the label, the doll is manufactured by The Hill reached out to the manufacturer for comment.